90DTC Boot Camps are more then just a workout, they're a Complete Health & Fitness Program designed to get you the best results possible. 80% of your success will come from proper nutrition and dieting! That's why we give all our Boot Campers individualized meal planning and nutrition counseling. It's all about results and making new habits for a lifestyle change. The Boot Camp workouts are a complete full body conditioning program that last a full hour. Each of our boot camps will start off with a warm up and gradually increase from there. The main portion of the workout will consist of functional, agility, core, balance, cardio, strength and  cross training. We finish every boot camp off with a stretching/ cool down routine. Our workouts will progress each boot camper at their own level and pace. So, if your looking to drop body fat, tone up, and start living a healthier lifestyle Go to the "REGISTER" tab and sign up for Boot Camp Now. 


Join Our Indoor Boot Camp with our Sister Company Bakersfit Training Studio




Boot Camp Locations, Days & Times:

Monday  Wednesday  

Beach park 5am & 6pm

Tuesday Thursday

Silvercreek park 5am & 6pm


Bakersfit Training Studio 5am 6am or 6pm 7pm

2601 Union Avenue


Bakersfit Training Studio 8am 

 2601 Union Avenue

*Times and locations are subject to change.




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FREE BOOTCAMP WITH DONATION TO BAKERSFIELD RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE http://www.walkforkids.org/bakersfield/bakersfit

90 Day Transformation Challenge(90DTC)

We are a Team of Health and Fitness Professionals, Enthusiast, and people aspiring to become stronger, healthier, and toned by eating healthy and exercising.  We hold 90DTC BOOT CAMPS twice a year; Mar-May (90 days) & Aug-Oct (60 days) to help people stay accountable and to achieve their fitness goals. Our Boot Camps are  progress at your own level and pace so you're not forced into injuries!! 90DTC is a complete health and fitness program. This is not a fad, quick fix or gimmick. If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, do not wait any longer, sign up today. For questions call 661-326-1266





Start your transformation now!!!

 Turn back the years of an overweight, unhealthy, and tired you!!!

  • Fit into your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Earn a toned, lean, and sexy body in a bikini.
  • Feel like the strong, beautiful, and confident person that you are.
  • Kick bad habits for good with a new lifestyle.
  • Have the ability to do adventurous things that your health and weight kept you from doing.
  • Enjoy waking up every day knowing that YOU made a positive change in your life.


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